Welcome to oeHealth

oeHealth is a web based comprehensive suite of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Hospital Information Solutions (HIS) developed with world class features & robust ERP business applications framework, Odoo.

oeHealth (Odoo 11)


oeHealth for Odoo 11 is a world class Odoo medical solutions for any types of health care organizations.

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oeHealth Premium (Odoo 8)


oeHealth Premium is a tailor-made package for multi-speciality, community centers or public hospitals.

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oeHealth (Odoo 12)


oeHealth is now available in a totally new avatar with all the exciting features for latest Odoo 12 version.

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oeHealth Extra Addons 2 (Odoo 10)


NEVER SEEN Odoo Health & Medical features

oeHealth (Odoo 10) must require to run this product

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oeHealth All In One (Odoo 9)


oeHealth All In One for Odoo 9 consist powerful set of features from oeHealth Premium and Extra Addons packages.

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oeHealth Extra Addons (Odoo 11)


oeHealth Extra Addons is an intuitive additions to oeHealth (Odoo 11) with important features like Paediatrics, Surgical, Imaging, Nursing, Patient Call logs, Medical Histories & Certificates and Ambulatory care modules.

oeHealth (Odoo 11) must require to run this product

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oeHealth Extra Addons (Odoo 12)


oeHealth Extra Addons is now available with all the innovative additions to the world class Odoo Health Management Solution, oeHealth (Odoo 12).

oeHealth (Odoo 12) must require to run this product

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oeHealth Extra Addons (Odoo 8)


oeHealth Extra Addons for Odoo 8 is a rich set of powerful additions to existing oeHealth package.

oeHealth Premium (Odoo 8) must require to run this product

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Innovative Features

Record complete details of your patients

Manage your patients with their important details including family info, prescriptions, appointments, diseases, insurances, lifestyle, mental & social status, lab test details, invoices and surgical histories.




Schedule Appointments

Allow your doctors and patients to login inside your oeHealth system to manage their appointments. oeHealth is tightly integrated with Odoo’s calendar control so you will be always updated for your upcoming schedules.


Administer all your doctors with their complete details, weekly consultancy schedule, prescriptions, inpatient admissions and many more.


Patient Walk-ins Management

Quickly record daily patient walk-ins with complete details like Evaluation, Vaccines, Prescriptions and Admissions for each walk-in. You can also raise an invoice for each visit and collect payment for the same.

Patient Walk-ins Management

X-Ray & Imaging Management

Management of different imaging tests like X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan. Print the test report and finally raise an invoice for each test.

oeHealth Imaging Management