What are the features to look for in an EHR Software

EHR software

Electronic Health Records (EHR) is the most common term used nowadays in healthcare ecosystems. It is nothing but an standardized electronic way of managing your health center’s data in an organized way for administrational and analytical purpose. Hospital Management has transformed from paper based formalities to modern EHR software with lots features. There are extra ordinary benefits of hospital information system one should look for. By not using this modernized tool you may not experience maximum efficiency and could not focus on quality health services.

If you are thinking to upgrade or start using a EHR system, than it is quite a tough task to select the right one. The questions to look for are “What are the features you are looking for in an ehr software?”, “What are the features that will make your workflow easy?”


Features of EHR Software


1. Inpatient Administration inpatient administration

Organize all the activities of inpatient administration. This includes managing different available wards of the hospital to bed reservation. Allocate the available beds and wards to the patient at the time of his admission.


Physician Management

2. Physicians and Appointments

Organize the weekly consultancy schedule of your doctors and allow them to manage different operations like appointments, surgeries etc. Doctors and Patients can manage their appointments and stay updated for upcoming schedules.


3. E-Prescriptions  Prescription Management

With the help of e-prescriptions, there is no need to give paper sheet to patients written with poor hand-writing. Instead with the help of this feature you can give electronic prescriptions to patient. You can give them printout or send that prescription directly to the in-house pharmacy store.



4. Reporting

With the help of reporting tool, doctors can have full information regarding the patients health and can make useful decision. Analysis can be made like what changes should be made to patient’s care according to the circumstances.


5. Billing Medical Billing

Billing process can help you in generating invoices for the various resources used. Hospitals can easily raise invoices for the services like inpatient admissions, lab tests, consultations etc. E-billing can make reimbursement process faster. It will reduce the double data entry and improve the work efficiency.


6. Health Records Electronic Medical Records

Main purpose of ehr software is to maintain health records. All the clinical and patient information should be stored securely in a proper electronic format. The data stored must be easily available and should be used by authorized person only.


7. Manage Various Test Reports lab test

For the better diagnostics it is needed to have various tests done. But it is also important to store those results as well as retrieve them for future use is most vital part for providing good care.



8. Follow up  walkin

Health care providers need to make contacts with patients on a regular basis. This helps them to check patient’s progress on a regular interval. If needed increase or decrease in dosage of medicines can be made with it.


By reading this article you may have understood what you should look for in an ehr software. But still you can’t make decision about what features can make your work easy? oeHealth is the answer to all your questions. You can also have access to free demo session or contact us to know how can we improve your efficiency in terms of providing good health care services.

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