oeHealth for Odoo 10 – The wait is finally over!

oeHealth for Odoo 10

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this announcement, and the wait is finally over as we are very excited to launch the support of oeHealth for Odoo 10 version. The support is provided for all three variants of the product: oeHealth Premium, oeHealth Extra Addons & oeHealth All In One modules.

The oeHealth for Odoo 10 comes up with following exciting features:

  • A very tight integration with newly launched Odoo 10 API which makes the software works efficiently and smoothly compare to previous versions.
  • Patient Call logs management feature.
  • Record patient’s very important medical histories and anytime access them directly from Appointments or Walkins modules for the reference purpose.
  • We have added support for new oeHealth user type called “Nurse” who will responsible to manage Nursing & Ambulatory care, Generate Appointments & Walkins, Manage inpatient admissions and many more.
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

Flat 10% discount is available starting from February 27, 2016 for a limited time period. Visit our store page to get more details about the product.

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6 thoughts on “oeHealth for Odoo 10 – The wait is finally over!

  1. AMIT says:

    how to buy indian customer
    paypal payment not work indian client
    please add skill payment then help to buy indian

  2. Dare Ojo-Bello says:

    Thanks for this update. Few questions:

    a) Can this be used for multiple clinics or hospitals in the same database?
    b) When will the mobile edition be released and will this be free for those who purchase OEHealth Extra Addons?
    c) Is module tightly integrated with billing?

    • oeHealth.in says:

      Hello Mr. Dare,

      Thank you for sharing your queries but it would be nice if you can forward on our support email info@oehealth.in so our team can reply back to you with the detailed feedback.

      oeHealth Team

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