OeHealth – Hospital Management App now available in Odoo 14

oeHealth - Hospital Management App in Odoo 14

The time has come! The most popular Odoo Hospital & Medical Management Application is now available in Odoo 14 version. Yes you heard it right!! We are thrilled to announce that support for Odoo 14 is provided to both the variants, oeHealth & OeHealth All In One and is now available at Odoo Apps Store.

What’s new with oeHealth in Odoo 14?

  • A very tight integration with Odoo 14 API which makes the software works efficiently and smoothly compare to previous versions.
  • Rest API is now the part of main oeHealth Module. No need to buy additionally.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

You can track the major changes that took place in oeHealth Odoo 14 is the “Rest API”. Rest API which was previously needed to purchased additionally is now available in the main module itself. For those who don’t know about Rest API, it is the fully customizable connector for oeHealth Mobile App. The Mobile App is available for both Patients and Doctors and allows them to access important information through mobile.

OeHealth since its launch in 2014 has been the one of the most popular and most downloaded Odoo based Hospital Management Application and is serving as the helping hands for a huge number of medical staff worldwide and is still gaining popularity with its unique and exciting features. We are delighted to continue this magnificient journey by introducing Odoo 14 supported modules and we also assure to keep on helping medical staff with our products.

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