Coming Soon: oeHealth Mobile for Patients & Physicians

oeHealth Mobile App Coming Soon

World is changing with the rapid growth of mobile phone technology. As the number of users is increasing day by day, it has also increased expanding growth of mobile applications. Now a days mobiles are not used just for making calls but they are integral part of our life providing various applications to manage our daily activities. That’s why we are here with oeHealth Mobile.

We’re very excited to announce release of oeHealth Android app by mid of January next month. The app will be specially designed for Patients & Physicians and will contain following main features;

  • Manage Patients
  • View physicians details and their availability
  • Arrange consultancy appointments and get notified when physicians approved the request
  • Exchange messages with your patients or physicians for quick help

oeHealth Mobile apps will be available to download for Free on Google Play store and existing subscribers of oeHealth modules will be directly link and manage required information from web portal to Android app. All the oeHealth packages available on the website will be linked to Android app.

We’re working seriously hard to achieve the deadline. Stay tuned with us for further updates!

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