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OeHealth – Hospital Management App now available in Odoo 14

oeHealth - Hospital Management App in Odoo 14

The time has come! The most popular Odoo Hospital & Medical Management Application is now available in Odoo 14 version. Yes you heard it right!! We are thrilled to announce that support for Odoo 14 is provided to both the variants, oeHealth & OeHealth All In One and is now available at Odoo Apps Store. […]

How is Automation changing today’s Healthcare Management?

In today’s era every sector is hit by automation. Automation is nothing but making the process work automatically without any kinds of human intervention. Today automation has made healthcare management more modernized. Making the process automated helps in delivering the quality services at any given time. Automation of the tasks results in the strategy for improving […]

Hospital Management system in today’s health care services

Hospital Management System (HMS) or Hospital Information System (HIS) is a kind of software that handles the daily workflows of a clinic/hospital. From healthcare, administrative to financial management purpose everywhere in a hospital it is used. Hospital Management System has turned out as a boon to modern healthcare sector. In recent times we have seen […]

What are the features to look for in an EHR Software

EHR software

Electronic Health Records (EHR) is the most common term used nowadays in healthcare ecosystems. It is nothing but an standardized electronic way of managing your health center’s data in an organized way for administrational and analytical purpose. Hospital Management has transformed from paper based formalities to modern EHR software with lots features. There are extra […]

Benefits of Hospital Information System for better Health care services

Today in the era of digitization everyone wants to go digital. So how can the healthcare sector stay behind. We all know how difficult and challenging is managing a hospital. One small mistake can risk a life. Health centres also have a large amount of confidential data about patients which should not get into any […]

oeHealth is now available on Odoo 12

Patient Management (Odoo 12)

Finally, our hard work has been paid off as we are happy to announce the support of oeHealth for the latest Odoo version 12. The new Odoo 12 supported versions have been already released on oeHealth Store and Odoo App Store for all three variants of the product: oeHealth, oeHealth Extra Addons & oeHealth All […]

oeHealth is now Multi-lingual

oeHealth Spanish Translations Banners

Everyone at Braincrew Apps are very delighted to announce the multi language support for oeHealth modules. We have received lots of inquiries asking to provide support of different langugages for oeHealth features and today we’re proud to announce Spanish languague support for our flag ship product oeHealth Premium for Odoo 9 and Odoo 10 platforms. […]

oeHealth for Odoo 10 – The wait is finally over!

oeHealth for Odoo 10

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this announcement, and the wait is finally over as we are very excited to launch the support of oeHealth for Odoo 10 version. The support is provided for all three variants of the product: oeHealth Premium, oeHealth Extra Addons & oeHealth All In One modules. The oeHealth for Odoo 10 comes […]

Coming Soon: oeHealth Mobile for Patients & Physicians

oeHealth Mobile App Coming Soon

World is changing with the rapid growth of mobile phone technology. As the number of users is increasing day by day, it has also increased expanding growth of mobile applications. Now a days mobiles are not used just for making calls but they are integral part of our life providing various applications to manage our […]

oeHealth : Simplified Medical Solution using Odoo

Patient Management

The healthcare industry is expanding at a enormous rate and an increasing number of health issues demands proper focus on health industry. There are many healthcare softwares available which focuses in different verticals like Hospital Management Systems, Medical Billing & Accounting Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Patient and Insurance Information Services, Electronic Health Records Systems, Lab […]