Benefits of Hospital Information System for better Health care services

Today in the era of digitization everyone wants to go digital. So how can the healthcare sector stay behind. We all know how difficult and challenging is managing a hospital. One small mistake can risk a life. Health centres also have a large amount of confidential data about patients which should not get into any wrong hands. Today from a small clinic to multi-specialty hospitals everyone needs to have this system for proper and accurate management. To overcome all this problem Braincrew Apps has introduced a complete Hospital Information & Management System called oeHealth. There are many benefits of hospital information system which results in providing efficient health services.

Hospital Information System

Hospital Information system is providing information regarding hospital focusing mainly on clinical and operational needs. It can be customized according to the organizations needs and can take care of all functionalities including Electronic Medical Records (emr), Electronic Health Records (ehr), managing patient details, scheduling appointments, managing physicians, and various test records. Below mentioned are the benefits of Hospital Information System.

1. Easy access to details of patients

Accessing patient details will help doctors to provide better health services to the needy.With the help of hms doctors only need to login into the system to view patient’s data. Doctors or care providers can view all the details of their patients with just few clicks.

2. Helpful in decision making

Using HIS software you can make operational and clinical decisions very quickly. You can analyze your organization’s performance and can make changes according to the analytical reports. Care providers can take quick decisions with the help of easy availability of records.

3. Better Follow-up of Patients

EMR will help in reducing errors because it helps doctors to follow up their patients. For ex: patient suffering from diabetes or blood pressure or any chronic diseases are needed to follow up on a regular interval and should also follow medical protocols.

4. Improved Data Security

Recording data and keeping it safe is also important in the hospitals. With the help of hospital management software, it is easy to provide access to authorized personal. These softwares can help in transferring data from one department to another in a quick and safe way.

5. Improves Efficiency

With the quick and easy access of the patients data, the clinical decisions can be taken at a faster pace. Information can be accessed and transferred in a faster and more secure way within one department to another. Also receiving the diagnostic reports faster can help doctors to make decisions quickly and can help patient recover faster.

6. Easy Revenue Management

Revenue management is the key for every organization, so it is with healthcare services. Hospital management software can result into faster and accurate revenue management.

7. Cost-Effective

A proper his software can reduce a large amount of manual work, which helps in reducing the man power . Reducing the manpower results in reduction of various expenses. It also saves a lot on storage of paper records.

oeHealth provides you fully integrated suite of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Hospital Information System(HIS) with robust and secure solutions based on Odoo for your requirements. It also helps in managing clinical, administrational as well as accurate management of information systems like scheduling appointments, managing physicians, patient walk-ins management.

If you are the one looking for having an Hospital Information system for your clinic or hospital then download oeHealth from Odoo Apps store or and manage your clinic or hospital in an efficient way.

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